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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  May 8, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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blow. what's next -- after oakland's chief resigns -- an embattled police department dealt another blow. what's next after oakland's chief resigns out of the blue? >> a gruesome discovery at a recycling center. the human remains found and the mystery it's opened. >> and south bay homeowners surprised to open up a new bill. what the city is telling them to do or else! good evening. >> a police department police department plagued with problems now has one more challenge on its list. >> it was certainly unexpected. oakland's police chief just stepped down to go on medical retirement. >> over the last six months, it's gotten worse, and i had to make a choice. >> howard jordan leaving after less than two years on the job. what's next for his department? oakland planned on layout its
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latest recommendations today. that is until the city's top cop up and quit. >> reporter: the mayor is already saying she's launching a nationwide search for a new chief. but she says this really did come out of the blue for her and other officials. they had no idea he had any plans to retire. and tonight, she and others are telling me that they want to set the record straight. >> this is not exactly the press conference we thought we were going to have today. >> reporter: oakland's police chief should have been standing shoulder to shoulder with mayor jean quan today presenting a new plan to tkle the rampant crime. >> i had no choice. >> reporter: he instead we found him at his home after he
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blindsighted city officials with news he's retiring due to an undisclosed medical condition. >> you felt like the job was having an effect on your health? >> it did, it was deteriorating my health. >> reporter: the stress got worse, and so did his health. >> i was personally very saddened and surprised. >> reporter: not everyone was surprised. there are grumblings tonight that the resignation had more to do with the lack of control at the department. of since march, a government-appointed compliance director with the power to fire the chief has been running the department, leaving jordan with limited power. frasier ripped the department in a report last year calling their practices outdated, dangerous, and ineffective. >> does your resignation have anything to do with the frasier report or any changes or shifts happening in the city? >> no. as i said before. i welcomed those changes, i embraced them in the recommendations. there are issues in there that i didn't
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necessarily agree with. but those are things that are going to make the department better. >> reporter: the assistant chief now steps in as acting chief. jordan has full confidence that he can run the department on a day to day basis. >> an amazing turn of events. we asked our political insider for his take on the shakeup. >> this comes at a tough time for city hall. the mayor is trying to convince the government to give her more money. the idea of changing the guard is going to be a tough sell with the public in general. >> oakland's latest crime-fighting recommendations were supposed to be released today. that was postponed after the police chief stepped down. we've just obtained an exclusive
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copy of the so-called bratton report. we'll bring you this exclusive detail tonight at 11:00. a shocking discovery at a recycling center in west oakland today. investigators recovered a human head. now the question is, where is the rest of this body? >> reporter: workers sorting through recycling material around 8:45 this morning made the ghastly discovery. a human skull. they quickly called police. hours later, the coroner carried it out in a box. investigators also needed to try and answer another big question, where's the rest of the body? >> reporter: cadaver dogs are trained to track the scent of human remains. they sifted through stacks of garbam. police are -- garbage. police are not saying what if anything they found. >> reporter: the detective on
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the case tells me they are investigating this as a murder as they found evidence on the skull that leads them to believe there was foul play. >> reporter: he would not elaborate. sergeant nolan says the victim has been dead for a long time. because the plant accepts recycling from a variety of places, it's unclear where the head came from. they will use dental records and other techniques to identify the victim. the third woman held captive in cleveland for more than air decade returned home from the hospital today. and we're hearing more from the families of the other victims. >> there are not enough words to say or express the joy that we feel for the return of our family member! and now amanda, the daughter, and michel who is our family also.
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>> prosecutors are now prepared to formally charge the man accused of kidnapping those women. >> reporter: castro didn't face reporters at cleveland's justice center, but he will face a judge in the morning to hear the charges against him. >> i just signed complaints charging castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. >> reporter: he abducted the women more than a decade ago and kept them bound up in ropes and chains in his home. >> they've only known themselves to be outside of the home on two separate occasions, and that was only briefly. >> reporter: castro is also accused of kidnapping berry's 6-year-old daughter who was born during captivity. they returned to their families wednesday, ending a 10-year separation. >> and i saw my daughter -- all
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i could do was grab her and hug her. i didn't want to let go. >> reporter: police investigators have finished searching castro's home. >> your you covering your face? >> reporter: paper s suggest castro has a history of domestic violence. in 2005, the mother of his two daughters sought a he beat her,rder. broke her nodes, and threatened to -- her nose, and threatened to kill her. the respondent frequently abducts their daughters and keeps them from mother. >> castro would sometimes pretend to leave his house to test the women. if they tried to escape, he would discipline them. authorities say after a while, the women stopped trying to leave. that is until the other day.y presented itself the
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a jury in arizona found jody arias guilty in the murder of her ex-boyfriend. they found she planned and carried out the killing of alexander in 2008. he was found with a gunshot wound to his head, 30 stab wound, and his throat slit. she denied involvement and then blamed it on two masked intruders. the parents of the bride killed in last weekend's limo fire were preparing to celebrate her wedding. now they are preparing for her burial. the mother cried when she heard the news. her daughter was recently married. she and eight friends were headed to a party to celebrate when that limo caught fire on saturday. she was planning a second ceremony in
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june in the philippines with her family. another survivor of the limo fire is now home. jasmine was released today. the final survivor is still there and is listed in fair condition. caltrans is moving forward to fix the bolts on the new bay bridge. engineers are going with a design that uses steel saddles on the east pier where 32 rods snapped in march. the price tag, up to $10 million. the bolts will be left within the structure and still up in the air. and by the golden gate, the presidio parkway, crews are dismantling the old elevated viaduct piece by piece. expect road closures next week from midnight to 4:00 am.
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the '9ers might be moving to santa clara, but they're taking an iconic piece wh them. >> a 220$220 million naming rights deal with the 49ers. levi's ceo says the new name is a perfect fit. >> the partnership makes sense for a lot of reasons. santa clara and levi strauss and company are both 160 years old this year. our founder created the original blue jean 140 years ago for the needs of the original 49ers of the gold rush era. >> how is that for a tie-in? levi's stadium set to open for the 2014 football season. south bay homeowners surprised to find these notices. >> and an iconic theatre torn
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down. the last-ditch effort to save it and what will go in its place. >> and not your average drug store. the unexpected features in this revamped walgreens. >> low clouds moving into san francisco bay. we'll talk about how long they will stick around tomorrow and take a gander at your weekend forecast. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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for pleasant hill's iconic e theater. crews demolished it this morning.. just hours after the city td down a final p there will be no hollywood ending for the dome theatre. crews demolished it this morning after the city turned down a final public appeal to save it. >> apparently we just mobilized too late. it has been demolished. at the hearing on monday, they heard over 50 public comments, and they still voted against us. >> the dome has stood since 1967. a dick's sporting goods store will be built in its place. the last thing quarterback wants is another bill. no some homeowners in the south bay are getting hit with an unusual one.
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thousands of letters like this one going out to folks, and you'll be surprised what they're asking them to pay for. >> reporter: we're live here in front of my house where a lot of neighbors are stressing out about the green paint they see in front of their driveways. this means the concrete and their sidewalk will have to get ripped out and replaced. >> reporter: the spray-painted markings showing up at thousands of homes across san jose mean the sidewalk repairman cometh. >> about 10,000 properties need to have sidewalk repairs done. >> one of them is mine. >> one of them is yours. >> reporter: my house is part of a backlog of 10,000 homes with buckling walkways. workers spotted the damage when doing a
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tree inventory of the entire city. but they didn't have the manpower to spray the cracks and mail out the notices until now. >> it's going to take several year, but we're going to do it on a continual basis. >> reporter: typically, the city issues 3,500 repair notices a year. this year, they'll nearly double this and mail out 6,000 as they try to clear out the backlog. sue mcgee got a bill a few weeks ago and now must pay $1,300. >> totally sucks. [ laughter ] >> reporter: with two kids in private school, her budget is tight enough. >> tighten the belt and fix it. we have to pay it, right? it's going to get paid one way or another. if you don't pay it now, and the city works on it, there'll be a lien on your property. >> reporter: the law as always said homeowners are responsible for sidewalk repairs. san jose used to pay for it but stopped four years ago. >> we're there to protect the city and the property owner.
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if somebody was to trip and fall and hurt themselves, the cost associated with that could be much higher than performing a repair. >> reporter: here's another section of my busted up sidewalk. i did get my bill today. total cost if the city were to do the work, $600. i guess i should feel kind of lucky. they say the average cost is $800. >> you came in under the average. is the city making any money on this? is this a revenue generating thing? >> reporter: they say if somebody trips, then the city could be liable, and i could be liable if somebody did that. but they also say i could do the work myself, pour the concrete myself or hire somebody else. but they do not make any money off of the sidewalk repairs. >> we'll come over and pour concrete for you. >> reporter: i'll buy the beer. [ laughter ]
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the city isn't done inspecting all its trees. they expect another 10,000 homes will needs sidewalk repairs. changes at the walgreen's in san francisco's union square. now it features some things you wouldn't expect. like baristas! downstairs you'll find a well-stocked grocery store with a juice and smoothy bar and frozen yogurt dispensers. upstairs, a cosmetics department and an eyebrow bar. and of course a pharmacy! walgreen's says it was made to reflect the uniqueness of the city. they say it was the ideal spot for trying out new concepts. 1-stop shopping! >> what our community asks for, we serve a lot of tourist trades in this area, and a lot of locals. and this market
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research has proven this is what our customers want. >> the store also offers liquor, locally brewed beer and wine, and on the health side in-store immunization. you can get your eyebrows waxed, get your coffee, and get your flu shot! you'll never have to leave! >> maybe they'll mix your concrete for you. [ laughter ] >> we were a little cloudy this morning, we'll be a little cloudy again tomorrow morning. beautiful bay lights. bring your family and check it out. low cloud cover already moving in. widespread cloud cover tomorrow morning. you're going to have lots of fog and morning clouds tomorrow. 61 with a cloudy start coming up on friday. so chilly at the coast. par for the force
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course. lots of cloud cover sitting offshore. all you need is a push from west to east. and we will have that once again tomorrow. here's the reason why. low pressure is off to our east now. but high pressure is still hanging out far enough away, and the pressure gradient between the two is big enough to give us a moderate onshore flow. friday, things change. high pressure gets closer, the onshore flow gets lighter, you get more sunshine and temperatures warm up. and the warming trend will continue through the weekend. mother's day, sunday, looks like it'll be the nicest, sunniest. milder starting friday, and great weather for mom! mother's day looking great. upper 60s tomorrow. it will feel cold even though it's exactly normal at 67, oakland. hayward 67, we
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will have morning cloud cover for concord and san ramon, 73. and in the city, only 63. low 70s when you get away from the water in marin. saturday and sunday, mid-80s inland, 70s near the bay, and next week cloudier, cooler, but still very, very pleasant weather. >> perfect for mom. >> mom deserve s it. she's going to get some great sunday weather. sugary drinks are often blamed for making people fat. how one soft drink maker is working to help you become more calorie conscious. ,,,,,,,,
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low-cal options more widely availabl sugary drinks being flamed for making people fat, coca-cola says it will make low-cal options more available around the world. >> and make its calorie labeling clearer. and it will support programs that encourage physical activity. the warriors have another texas-size lead in the lone star state! >> and kpix 5 is the official station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. ,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell
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to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. snapped that 29- game losing streak in san antonio on mo, but why not make it a round warriors thought had snapped a 29-game losing streak in san antonio on monday. why not make it a round number, i guess? mark jackson wasn't able to slaughter a huge lead. 29 in the 1st half. 8 threes in the game. warriors led by 19 at the break. but the spurs come back again. tony parker, the jumper to cut the lead to 6. that's as
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close as they would get. 100-91, game 3 is it friday in oakland. a walk-off base hit in the 10th. barry zito gave up 1 run in 7 innings. did not get the win, but the giants did. the a's had a 3-0 lead in cleveland. swisher tied the game with a home run, santana put the drive ahead, and they beat the a's 4-3. lowell and washington. the store of the game's first run. lowell wins the stae city title 7-0. lowell, which is probably the best public high school in san francisco. and i went to lake shore grammar school right next to them. i used to sneak up and buy their big cookies during
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there you go. oh. [snickering] nice dress, ryan. it's not a dress. it's a kurta. [laughing] okay. tonight, one of our most ethnic coworkers, kelly, has invited us all to a diwali celebration put on by her community. what is diwali, you may ask? well, to have kelly explain it,


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